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“Its a vain attempt at more views”- KoT slams King Kaka

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Kenyan musician King kaka was trending on Twitter for the better part of Monday morning after netizens accused him of clout chasing.

It all started when the Kaka Empire CEO took to the microblogging site to air his displeasure on the behaviour of some Kenyans.

According to ‘The Wajinga Nyinyi’ hitmaker, some Kenyans had decided to body-shame

a section of Kenyans on Monday washas slammed Kenyan netizens for body shaming video vixens in his latest song featuring Kristoff, “Utanipata”.

“I put plus size women in the video and people are body shaming them. Tuwache ujinga we are all humans. They live among us they are our sisters, mothers and girlfriends. Tuwache ujinga,” tweeted King Kaka.

His sentiments were not received well by Kenyans on Twitter (KoT), who slammed him for creating a farce out of nothing.

Some said that Kaka was just trying to amass views for his new song on YouTube.

Kaka and Kristoff released the song on Friday. In the video, chuby women have been used as video vixens.

KoT reactions

One Twitter user alleges that he has scrutinized all the coments below the video on YouTube, and he has not seen any negative one. Bumble Bee accuses King Kaka of clout chasing. “I literally went through the comments on that video and 100 comments in I couldn’t find a single negative one. So much of the feedback is positive but you actually choose to come here to do the body shaming yourself for clicks? What’s wrong with you??”

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@DanielOtieno blamed the musician for using ‘indecent’ language: “Your language is equally demeaning to begin with. The systemic othering of women with big body is right there in your tweet. You are part of the problem and you don’t know it. Ati ‘they live among us.’ There is more to that phrase then you know. Calling them plus size women is the birth of stigma. These are women and they don’t need a socially constructed tag to refer to them. They are women!”

@IamHumbaba says, “ukiona ni lazima utumie clout upate views at this time and age,considering your status in the music industry,just take a pause in music, shuglikia Kaka Empire, it should be international by now, considering miaka imekua plus the Artistes that have gone through the label.”

@QuincyWandera says, “Bro, no one is against the ladies and no one has body shamed them, you have by crying β€œwolf”. This is a clean tactic to get more views to a video that has no correlation with the women and the excepts about the government.”

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