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Yes, give me the Ksh50,000 and help me build God’s church- Rose Muhando

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Tanzanian gospel artiste Rose Muhando has clarified the Ksh50,000-per-person entrance fee for her album launch slated for February 27.

Speaking on TV47’s Bomba La Sanaa, the weekly entertainment magazine show, Muhando said: “God told me to build him a church or else He’d deal with me.”

When posters advertising the album launch hit social media early this month, many Kenyans were taken aback by the Ksh50,000 fee, which they considered steep.

Some of her fans wondered whether the 50,000- denomination unspecified at that time- was in Kenyan or Tanzanian shillings. Had it been the latter, the fee would’ve been an affordable Ksh2,362.

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Tanzanian gospel maestro on TV47’s Bomba La Sanaa

Return to Gospel Scene

Muhando‘s new album launch marks her return to the gospel music scene after a five-year hiatus.

She launched her career with ‘Nipe Uvumilivu‘ (Grant me fortitude), which relays the suffering of a woman at the hands of a reckless husband and father. ‘Nibebe’ (Shore me up), a subsequent track, became a gospel anthem throughout East Africa.

Her seeds of success at the studio-pulpit were mused in 1991 when she was a choir teacher in her native village. A chance encounter with a “prophet” in 2002 revealed that she had been called to Dodoma, Tanzania’s capital, to minister.

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But life in Dodoma was not a bed of roses. She told Bomba La Sanaa hosts Bancey Kimuyu and Tony Mwirigi that the challenges in the new urban setting almost made her give up. She persevered, and as they say, the rest is history.

“I have been through a lot, but knowing the Bible kept me going. There’s life and death, good times and bad times. When you pass through trials, you don’t question God,” she said.

Muhando said that all proceeds from her album launch will be used in building a church.

The album launch will be held next Saturday from 12pm to 6pm. Corporate sponsors of the event are expected to fork out between Ksh1m and Ksh5m.

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