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Covid widow inhumanely evicted by in-laws gets help from Kenyans

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A Covid widow in Kirigiti, Kiambu County, who was dispossessed of her property by in-laws has received financial assistance through philanthropist Ndungu Nyoro.

Pauline Wangui got help after Nyoro organised online fundraising after visiting her Kirigiti home and confirmed the dire situation she was in.

The fundraising has since attracted many Kenyans, catching the attention of Kiambu Deputy Governor Joyce Ngugi as contributions are still trickling in.

Joyce went ahead to visit Pauline and gave her KSh20,000.

Pauline’s outcry over the treatment meted on her by her in-laws captured Kenyans’ attention. They dispossessed her of all her assets following her husband’s death due to COVID-19 late last year.

Now living in rentals in Kirigiti area, Pauline narrated how her life turned around; from a property owner to a salon employee.

Pauline, in tears, said she had built a house with her husband and had various assets together including land and cattle, which was taken barely a day after her husband passed away.

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“My husband died on a Saturday. On Sunday morning, his three brothers along with eight other young men ambushed and blocked entrance at the gate, telling me to hand over all my husband’s documents including title deeds,” she narrated.

Pauline said that even her 21-year-old first-born son turned against her, “brainwashed by her in-laws”.

A shocked Pauline said she was surprised by the in-laws’ move because she was very close to them prior to her husband’s death.

“I got married when i was 18 and have been married for 20 years. I lived with these people thinking they loved me,” a forlorn Wangui told.

Pauline had resorted to leaving the matter to God, hoping He could accord her the justice she deserved over her inhumane family.

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