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American journalist in trouble over “Third World Country” remarks on video of Texans queueing to fetch water from tap

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An American journalist from Texas was at the receiving end of a section of Twitter users’ wrath for using the term “third world country”.

It all started when Erica Simon shared a video of Texas residents queuing to fetch water from a tap, just like in “third world” countries.

In the video, a group of residents is seen anxiously waiting to fetch water from the dripping tap.

But it was Simon’s choice of words that caused an uproar with the section of Twitter users.

She said; “This is not a third world country. This is Houston, Texas. I spotted a line of people filing up buckets of water from a spicket at Haden Park. Why? Millions either have no water or are under a Boil Water Advisory.”

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If you thought that Kenyans on Twitter (KoT) are harsh, here is a rethink. First, she was reminded of how she had messed up in spelling the word “spigot”.

Then former NTV presenter weighed in on the issue, by castigating Simon. Madowo they have running water in his village yet he comes from a third world country.

@johnochase ‘schooled’ Simons on the appropriate terms to use when referring to third world countries. “Do better. 1. Don’t say third world country, people with a clue have been using ‘developing nation’ for decades. 2. Don’t look down your nose at developing countries, they are developing because of colonialism and continued corporate theft.”

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@Subimaginati said: “You do realise that 1st, 2nd and 3rd actually relate to political positions during the cold War not the development status/recovering from colonialism or apartheid of a country.”

@HarringtonCokie: “To use the word โ€œthird world countryโ€ in relation to human suffering is an insult to the intelligence of our freedom fighters. #Fullstop

@WeblyAlfred: “Thank you. Those countries were rich and flourishing until countries like America colonized them and stripped them of their natural resources.”

@KFitzcaraldo: “Hate to break it to you, but visitors from Europe really do see the US as a 3rd world country. Outside of a few urban areas its all ignorance & superstition, rampant poverty, tribalism, crumbling infrastructure inadequate health care, unstable government, paramilitary gangs etc”

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Millions of people in Texas are experiencing power outages and water shortages as unusual winter storm hits South eastern part of the USA.

The current winter storm is bringing ice, sleet and heavy snow in parts of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi, causing power outages.

“The Arctic air will also continue over the Plains and Mississippi Valley with temperatures of 25 to 40 degrees below average,” the National Weather Services reported Wednesday afternoon.

Several Texas cities advised residents to boil their water before drinking it or using it for cooking.

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