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‘Haunted by spirits’, Kakamega man kills self but elder blames Tik Tok

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Grief has engulfed a village in Kakamega County after a man committed suicide after “spirits started following him”.

The man, only referred to as “Baba Mitchelle” was found hanging from a tree behind his mother’s kitchen in Lutoni village, Lurambi Sub-County.

According to his wife, “Baba Mitchelle”, who was an administration police officer, she noticed her husband’s deteriorating mental health, narrating how she found him shaken up on a seat before the ordeal.

“Nilimpata akitetemeka kwa kiti akiwa ameshikilia Bibilia kwa kifua (I found him all shaken up holding a Bible tightly to his chest.),” she said.

Upon enquiring what was bothering him, the deceased told her he needed her prayers as there were spirits that were haunting him.

“Mimi naona pepo mingi kwa hii yumba. Kila kona iko na pepo, (I can see spirits allover this house. There are spirits in every corner.),” the deceased apparently confided in his wife.

The deceased told his wife that he needed prayers because spirits were haunting him. PHOTO. COURTESY.

“Pepo zimenifuata mchana mzima kwa hii nyumba. Naona watu wananikimbiza wanataka kuniua. Nikiingia bedroom naona wafu wengi wamenizunguka, (The spirits have been haunting me the whole day in the house. I can see people chasing me wanting to kill me. In the bedroom, I see dead people all over),” he continued to narrate to his wife of his predicarments.

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The wife then embarked on a vigorous prayer to cast the perceived demons. But all these prayers, she says, fell on deaf ears.

After another round of prayer, the deceased stopped her, saying that the prayers were futile.

“Iyo maombi yenu haitoshi. Hata mama ameomba lakini bado naona pepo.(Your prayers are bearing no fruits. Even mum has prayed but there is no change),” the deceased said.

With that, the deceased retreated to his bedroom still shaken up with his Bible in hand.

Moments later, the wife heard him talking to unknown people in their local dialect.

He then warned her to get rid of all the ropes that until this time, were hanging behind his mother’s kitchen.

“Aliniambia izo kamba ziko nyuma ya jikoni ya mama zitolewe. Mwenye kuziweka apo ako na nia mbaya. (He told me to remove the ropes hanging behind his mother’s kitchen. Whoever put them there has bad intentions),” the wife said.

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Little did the family know that “Baba Mitchelle” was predicting his own death.

His mother, who found him, got the alarm from one of her grandchildren.

“Kijana mmoja aliniita akaniambia,”nyanya, ndio huyu Baba Mitchelle.” Nikasema yeye ako mzima lakini kuangalia nikaona amejinyonga na kamba.(One boy ran up to me telling me to go check Mitchelle’s father. I though he looked okay but i saw the ropes haning around him.)” the deceased mother said as she was sobbing.

The mother eulogised her son as a soft spoken character.

“Nimepoteza kijana mzuri sana. Alikua kijana wangu wa tatu na alikua na roho moja.(I have lost a good son. He was my third son and was good hearted),” she said.

Family and neighbors to the deceased wailing as his body is taken away PHOTO/K24

Tik Tok angle

One of the village elders called upon fellow elders and local administrators to deliberate on the increasing cases of suicide among young people in the area.

But the elder did not fail to blame the youth, whom he says, have become hard-headed and are no longer listening to the advise of the elders.

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“Hawa watoto wamekua na madharau sana siku hizi. Wanasema mambo ya wazee iliisha. Wanafuata “Tik tok”. (These children are very rude nowadays. They say the elderly are behind time. They only follow “Tik tok” and other social media sites).

“Hatuwezi kuwaambia kitu wasikie ndio maana vitu kama hizi zinawapata wao wala sio sisi wazee. (They do not listen to us that is why such situations [suicide] are occurring among them and not us the old),” he said.

He lamented that once the youth died, they left behind children whose burden fell on retired folks- the elderly.

The area sub chief, Phanice Atsanza, revealed that there were similar incidents in the area and wanted the issue addressed urgently.

“Kama jamii tunafaa kuketi tutafute suluhu. Hii kitendo haijanipendeza na tena vitu kama hizi zinatendekea tu apa kwetu.(As a community, we needed to address this issue. It is sad that these occurrences are only befalling our area.)” she said.

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