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“It’s outrageous and insensitive” – Atwoli condemns EPRA over new fuel prices

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COTU boss Francis Atwoli has condemned the latest increase in fuel prices by Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority.

On Sunday morning, EPRA announced a Ksh8.19 per litre increase in the price of super petrol, Ksh5.51 for diesel and Ksh5.32 for kerosene.

The changes are expected to take effect from midnight today.

“This will have a domino effect on the cost of living in Kenya with transportation and prices of goods going up,” said Atwoli in a statement. “We demand that the concerned minister intervenes IMMEDIATELY.”

Under the new prices, petrol will now retail at Ksh115.18 per litre in Nairobi, while diesel and kerosene will sell for Ksh101.91 and Ksh92.44, respectively.

The new fuel prices are expected to take effect midnight today. COTU boss says this will compound an already dire economic situation. PHOTO/FILE

In Mombasa, a litre of petrol will cost Ksh112.78, diesel Ksh99.52 and kerosene Ksh90.05. In Nakuru, the price will be Ksh114.88, Ksh101.81 and Ksh92.36 respectively.

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In Kisumu, petrol will retail at Ksh115.76 per litre, diesel at Ksh102.73 and kerosene at Ksh93.28.

Oil Cartels

While Epra attributes the rise in prices to increase in the average landed cost of importing fuel, Atwoli says cartels have over run EPRA, pushing up the prices.

“COTU is afraid that cartels have since taken over the oil industry and unless deliberate efforts are made to reverse this trend that has now become the hallmark of EPRA, businesses will close, workers will lose their livelihoods and more Kenyans will be confined to abject poverty,” said Atwoli.

Diminishing Hopes

At the same time, Atwoli painted a damning image of a populace losing hope in the leadership, and the country. “We are staring at a future we as leaders will not be able to manage owing to its uncertainty that is being prompted by such actions that are pushing more and more Kenyans into pain and unless the President himself comes out and offer(s) hope, it might be hard to convince the millions affected that they have a future in this country.”

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