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Commerce graduate now murder suspect: Neighbours recollect last moments

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When DCI detectives recovered the phone of the late Margaret Muchemi hidden inside crates at a wines and spirits shop in Umoja, Nairobi, it opened the lid on the private business affairs of Charles Oluenyi, prime suspect in her murder.

Margaret was burnt to death inside her house in Njiru on the 21st of January. She had reportedly been visited by a man identified as her ex-boyfriend. Margaret, a clinical officer, lived with two domestic helps. On that fateful day, she requested the helps to leave in order to accord her some privacy with her boyfriend.

They were attracted back by an inferno, which reduced the house into ashes. Margaret’s body was found in the aftermath. She had apparently been strapped onto her bed.

Umoja Liquor Store Oluenyi Murderer TV47
Chibemar Liquor Store in Umoja, Nairobi, where the late Margaret Muchemi’s phone was recovered by DCI detectives. PHOTO/DCI

Following the incident, detectives launched a manhunt for the suspect Oluenyi. It ended in dramatic fashion at a high rise block of flats in Kayole. Wielding two knives and tittering from a balcony, Oluenyi threatened to take his own life. It took convincing by DCI detectives to talk him out of it. He was eventually arrested and is awaiting his day in court.

Neighbours at Chibema Liquor Store in Umoja,- reportedly owned by Oluenyi-, and where detectives recovered Margaret’s phone, say Oluenyi was friendly and sent no clues even after allegedly committing such a heinous crime.

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Fries and Sausages

“The night prior to his arrest,” says a lady who runs a restaurant near the liquor store, “he bought fries and sausages from here. No, there was no indication of stress or that he was on the run. Nothing. He was just normal.”

On the day of his dramatic arrest, the 37-year-old reportedly started the day by making merry with some friends. One of the friends who spoke on condition of anonymity said Oluenyi was tightlipped about the murder affair.

โ€œHe opened the liquor shop somehow late. We had a drink and parted ways. All along, he was well-mannered and pleasant. I was shocked to see him trending in the news.”

Upcoming Day In Court

The business people interviewed by TV47Digital requested for anonymity as they didn’t “want to be involved in the upcoming court process.”

One woman confessed to have been in discussions with the murder suspect to co-jointly open a Mรนtรนra (stuffed blood sausage) business opposite the liquor store.

Oluenyi is an Accounting graduate from Daystar University. He is said to be Manchester United fan.

Kayole DCIO John Maru Rioba said Oluenyi is currently at Kayole Police Station awaiting formal prosecution in court.

โ€œHe is in a stable condition. He will eventually stand trial,โ€ said Rioba.

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