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Amidst COVID-19’s dark clouds, Pauline Kinja saw a silver lining

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A large section of Kenyans will want to forget 2020, a year that is being referred to as the COVID-19 year.

In a bid for companies to scale down operations because of the numerous restrictions placed by the government, many Kenyans lost their jobs. One such Kenyan in Pauline Kinja.

But amidst all these dark clouds, 40-year-old Pauline Kinja who was a caterer at leading events company spotted a silver lining.

She kick-started a grocery business, and she has has never looked back ever since. Perhaps to Kinja, COVID-19 pandemic was a blessing in disguise.

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โ€œThe events industry died a natural death once the pandemic kicked in, and it negatively impacted many businesses. I was rendered jobless for two weeks, and thatโ€™s when I decided to venture into the green grocery business,โ€ Pauline narrated to TV47.

According to Pauline, she took her time researching on the best business to venture in. She says that she was very sure that selling food was always going to thrive.

โ€œI felt like food was a necessity, and you can never go wrong with food, and then clients preferred home delivery rather than going out. Three months to the pandemic, my business was lucrative and thriving since a commodity like lemon and ginger were expensive than imported oranges and thatโ€™s for home use only,โ€ Pauline added.

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Pauline has since expanded her business to an all-round green grocery shop.

With the catering industry slowly bouncing back, Pauline says that she will not close down her business of closing down her new business.

The biggest lesson COVID-19 has given Pauline is that having multiple sources of income is key to achieving financial freedom.

โ€œCOVID-19 taught us one needs multiple streams of income to survive, and Iโ€™m not letting go of my new income business. I will try my level best to make my business thrive now that the catering business is slowly picking up,โ€ Pauline added.

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