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12 years on, epileptic Boyz stuck in hospital with no one to take him in

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Kiambu Level V Hospital is calling upon well wishers to come to the rescue of a 28-year-old epileptic man, who has been staying in the hospital for 12 years now.

An unknown 16-year-old boy was in 2009 found by police lying unconscious in a drainage tunnel in Nairobi’s Zimmerman area, and brought to the hospital.

The hospital’s medical superintendent Cyrus Mumbura says that the hospital treated the boy and he regained conscious, but was forced to stay in the hospital since then, because no one came to claim him.

As a result, Boyz- the name the boy was given at the hospital has been staying at bed number 10 in Nyayo Ward of the hospital.

One of his caretaker in charge of the Nyayo ward, Wangui Kimata, reveals how they arrived at the name Boyz.

“It was suggested by a football player, and we saw it fit. Previously, he was “Boys”, but seeing he was now a young man, we decided to change it to “Boyz”,” says Kimata.

Speculations were rife that the man might have been abandoned at the hospital by his mother after realising he was disabled.

At the hospital, Boyz underwent age assessment which showed he was around 16 years at the time, from various samples such as his number of teeth and bone structure.

In a typical day, 28-year-old Boyz is cleaned, fed, given medication, and taken out in a wheelchair for fresh air by his caretakers, Wangui Kimata and Sarah Njeri.

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His medical records show that Boyz has been under epileptic medication and physiotherapy treatment on a daily basis, to keep his organs active.

Unable to talk or walk, the vibrant Boyz has developed unique signals of communicating with his caretakers.

“When he is happy, he beats his chest and smiles. When he is sad, he looks out of the window and folds his arms, pretending to doze off, or even covers his head with a blanket, to show you off,” nurse Wangui said.

His caretakers noticed a side of pride in his character. “He loves very sweet things. In fact, he cannot even take tea without sugar in it,” Wangui narrated while bursting into laughter.

Boyz has also shown his interest in matters matters beauty and fashion. His caretakers say that he gets very excited whenever he’s clad in good looking attire or sees someone who is well-dressed.

And similar to other young men out here, Boyz has a liking for good-looking women. In fact, Njeri says that “he gets very excited around the young pretty nurses especially the light-skinned ones.”

“If you are Boyz’s parent, your child is alive and here at Kiambu Hospital. If you want your child back, please come and get him,” says Mumburi.

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