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“Kang’ata was right, BBI is unpopular in Mt Kenya,” Murathe says

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Jubilee party Vice chairman David Murathe now says that Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata’s letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta on BBI is factual.

Speaking to a local vernacular station on Thursday, Murathe said that “Kang’ata should not be beaten by people because what he told the president was true.”

Murathe affirmed that indeed BBI is unpopular in Mt Kenya because the people entrusted with publicising the document in the region have been deceiving President Uhuru.

“Kang’ata was right in saying BBI will fail terribly in Mt Kenya region if strategies will not be changed because those going around telling the president they are educating citizens about BBI are just lying,” said Murathe.

Murather, however, faulted Senator Kang’ata on how he delivered the letter to Uhuru. Murathe said that Kang’ata could have personally delivered the letter to the President, and not allow it to be leaked to the press.

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“The only problem was how Kang’ata delivered the message. He should have just whispered to the president about his observation instead of relaying it to the public.

“I am looking for Senator Kang’ata so he can tell me what angered him to the extent of publicly airing his findings instead of telling the president quietly,” added Murathe.

UhuRuto agreement

Murathe reiterated his earlier sentiments that President Uhuru’s promise to Deputy President William Ruto that he will hand over power to him was only for convenience purposes.

According to Murathe, UhuRuto’s was a marriage of convenience that was necessitated by the political situation in the country in 2013.

“Our Uhuruto ticket was out of political necessity. It was part of the peace dividend after the 2007 troubles. Some of these fellows took the 10-10 promise as an absolute right,” said Murathe, who called on the Mt Kenya region to support ODM leader Raila Odinga in 2022.

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