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Stingy Men Associations take continent by storm

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In Summary
  • Prominent Nigerian men have taken to Twitter to share their membership cards with the public.
  • Their logo is round-shaped with a fist in the middle, with a clause below reading “Don’t give shishi”, translating to don’t give anything.

Kenyan men have joined the continental bandwagon of a new trend called  Stingy Men Association (SMA).

The association is a network of parsimonious men who’ve vowed to have moths in their wallets ahead of Valentines Day.

Henry Desagu, comedian and popular YouTuber is the self-proclaimed Stingy Men Association of Kenya (SMAK) treasurer- Mwihoko branch.

 The trend began in Zambia last November when one Leonard Mweembe was arrested for allegedly beating his wife after she asked for salon money. The woman wanted Kwacha 150(Ksh 900). Mweembe could only fork out Kwacha10 (Ksh60). An argument ensued. Mweembe muttered he was now a member of “Stingy Men Association of Zambia(SMAZ).”

When local media popularised Mweembe’s arrest and musings, SMAZ grew into a fully fledged savings organization in Zambia. There are claims it has bought a passenger plane.

Comedian Desagu’s mock membership card. The Kenyan chapter of the association is not yet formal. PHOTO/COURTESY

The trend crossed borders to Nigeria. BBC Pidgin reports that the Nigerian chapter was founded January, 2021. SMAN’s motto is “Let Me See What I Can Do”. Members are supposed to give excuses whenever a woman asks for money from them.

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Men are also expected to give excuses such as “I wish you had told me earlier”; “I am expecting some money next week”; “Let me call you back”; “I will let you know”.

Men who wish to be members must fill a membership form and swear on the association’s oath. Popular Nigerian music producer Don Jazzy on Monday shared his membership card, sending netizens into a frenzy.

Music producer Don Jazzy’s membership card . The image has been retweeted more than 10.000 times on Twitter. Afrobeats music star Mr Eazi is also a proud member. PHOTO/TWITTER

So popular is the association that a Twitter account, @SMANofficial, formed on Monday, quickly garnered 25,000 followers before it was suspended.

Their logo features a clenched fist with a tagline “Don’t give shishi” (don’t give anything.)

Members are also advised not to do dates, birthday parties, baby showers, send fare, airtime, and to take time in replying to women’s.

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