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Eldest son of family wiped out in gruesome murder arrested

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The prime suspect in the murder of the Nicholas Warunge family has been arrested.

DCI detectives seized Simon Warunge, 22, from his hide-out in Lower Kabete, Kiambu County. He was in the company of a lady believed to be his girlfriend.

Simon is the eldest son in the family. Police have been on his trail since naming him as the prime suspect in the gruesome murders.

Nicholas Warunge, the father, his wife Ann and two children Maxwell and Christian were found dead at their home in Karura village, Kiambu County on Tuesday morning. A man believed to be their farmhand was found decapitated at a neighboring compound.

Nicholas had stab wounds on the forehead and behind the head. Both his hands were broken, indicative of self-defense. Maxwell, who was a Class Seven pupil at Wangunyu Primary School had four cuts on the head and about 20 on the chest. His brother Christian had more than 15 stab wounds around the chest and back.  Their mother Ann had stab wounds on the forehead, and behind the head. Her hands too were broken.

DCI Homicide detectives at the home of Nicholas Warunge. His body, and that of his wife Ann and their two children Christian and Maxwell, were found at various locations in the homestead earlier this week. PHOTO/DCI

“Search for the murder weapons is currently ongoing, with DCI homicide detectives leading in unraveling the mystery,” added the DCI in a Tweet.

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The woman in the suspect’s company was also arrested to assist police with investigations. She reportedly sells goods at Biafra market in Thika.

Simon, a student at a local private university, had reportedly disagreed with his parents after his room was relocated and some constructions metals stored inside.

Warunge worked as a nurse in the US and had just come home for the December holidays. The wife was also a nurse, working at a hospital in Kiambu County.

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