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Inside Kenya Power’s ambitious KSh800M plan to end blackouts

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In a bid to end the constant power outages in the country, Kenya Power on Friday unveiled an electricity network management programme that will help tackle electricity issues proactively.

The KSh800 million programme will look into maintaining electricity network in the country for an improved quality of power supply to customers.

According to Kenya Power Managing Director and Chief Executive Bernard Ngugi, the firm will carry out an all-inclusive audit of its electricity network countrywide.

This exercise will seek to identify all faults in Kenya Power’s electricity network system, for purposes of repairing them and/or reinforcing them to streamline the national grid.

Kenya Power’s priorities

To start with, Kenya Power has prioritised replacing of faulty transformers countrywide. Also, the installation and earthing of surge diverters on terminal transformers (those at the end of the distribution line) to protect them from faults as a result of lightning strikes. 

This exercise will also entail installation of fuses to protect transformers from failure, and the re-sagging of conductors.

Kazi Mtaani

The programme will also see the youth countrywide benefitting from work that does not require expertise.

For example, Kenya Power will partner with National Government’s Kazi Mtaani Youth Employment Programme to carry out maintenance of way leaves, which also includes pruning/cutting of trees and clearing of vegetation along electricity lines.

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Live Line Maintenance Programme

In October 2019, Kenya Power launched the Live Line Maintenance Programme but had not been fully incorporated to the system since then.

Ngugi says the company will intensify and strive to fully use the Live-Line technology. With this technology, Kenya Power technicians will be able to carry out electricity maintenance without switching off power supply.

Since the commencement of the live line programme, the number of planned shutdowns have reduced by approximately 40%, with Ngugi saying that 2,154 shutdowns have been avoided over the period.

This, Ngugi says, will see the company effectively manage planned and unplanned power outages.

“We are committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy quality service by minimising disruptions during planned maintenance programmes and responding speedily to restore normalcy during unplanned outage situations.

“As a Company, we are alive to the important role that electricity plays in powering the economy and improving people’s lives. As such, we are committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy reliable and quality power because we are in the business of selling power, not outages,” said Ngugi.

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