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Want to arrive alive this holiday season? Follow these safe-driving tips

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A road safety campaigner has shared tips on how to reduce road accidents in Kenya this holiday season. Speaking on TV47’s ‘Morning Cafe’ show, Road Safety and Safe Driving practice founder Owuor Otet demystified defensive driving.

What is defensive driving?

It is a set of driving skills that allows you to defend yourself against possible collisions caused by bad drivers, drunk drivers, and poor weather.

“If you look ahead and keep your eyes moving, you will spot potential hazards more easily,” he says. Here are some tips on safe driving:

  • Focus on the task hand
    Don’t multitask. That phone call can wait. Also, don’t permit your partner or children at the back seat to distract you from the road ahead.
  • Slow down

The higher your speed, the longer your breaking distance, and the more intense the crash incase of an accident.

  • Always wear your seat belt
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In the unfortunate event that your car rolls in an accident, you will be thrown out and crash beneath if you hadn’t belted up. Seat belts restrain you in your seat, which is the safest place incase of an accident. In case of sudden braking or an accident, you won’t bang against other parts of the car, for instance, the steering wheel. Studies have shown that the use of seat belts reduce fatalities by 60%.

  • Don’t trust anyone but yourself

Always expect other drivers to make mistakes on the road so be on the look out.

  • Don’t drink and drive

If you are under the influence of alcohol or any drug, stay away from the wheel.

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