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“How to become rich,” “Miguna” and “EPL” most googled topics in 2020

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Google has released its annual list of the most searched topics online.

Year in search-2020 lists Omena, Miguna, football and the US elections as among the most searched topics in Kenya. Other hot topics are “how to be successful in life”, “how to become rich” and funny enough, “how to grow onions.”

The three “hows” point to Kenyan’s desire to pull themselves out of current economic doldrums. As expected, the coronavirus pandemic also dominated the searches. Kenyans were curious about the situation in Tanzania (where the President John Magufuli said its corona-free), and Italy which was ravaged. But still, politics, money, and football were king.

“People searched to know the league standings, fixtures, and results of their favourite football clubs,” Dorothy Ooko, Google’s head of communications and public affairs in Africa told The Standard. “Kenyans keenly followed the US elections – comparing with their own and drew comical similarities.”

Dorothy Ooko, Google’s head of communications and public affairs in Africa. PHOTO/COURTESY

The Google Year in search-2020 report has nine categories namely Most searched general topic, ‘What Is’, Global personalities, Trending deaths, Health topics, Movies and TV shows, Tech ‘How to’ queries, General ‘How to’ queries, Sports, and Health.

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Most Google searches were driven by local and international trends. The popularity of Netflix show Queen’s Gambit saw an increase in searches on “how to play chess”. So did the South African gospel hit song Jerusalema by Master KG. People wanted to know more about the song and its accompanying dance.  

Top 10 Most Searched Topics in Kenya, 2020

  1. EPL Standings
  2. US Elections
  3. Thank you coronavirus helpers
  4. Coronavirus in Kenya
  5. Schools reopening in Kenya
  6. Tanzania coronavirus cases
  7. Boris Johnson
  8. Coronavirus in Italy
  9. Waiguru Impeachment
  10. London Marathon

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