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Wife-hunting Eric Omondi teaches socialite Shakila how to milk a cow

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Comedian Eric Omondi is on a 30-day mission to find a perfect wife material.

After thorough auditions, he chose nine beautiful ladies who are to be subjected to different tests so that in the end, the last woman standing would be his wife.

Comedian Eric Omondi and the nine ladies who are battling it out to be his wife. PHOTO/Eric Omondi.

The first tests the self-proclaimed president of African comedy gave the ladies was to cook for him, clean the house and dance.

Well, the tests are getting harder and trickier with each passing day. On Friday, Omondi took them to the river and made them fetch water with a bucket and carry it on their heads up a hill.

Eric Omondi took the ladies to the river and made them fetch water with a bucket and carry it on their heads up a hill. PHOTO/ Eric Omondi.

On Saturday (day 5 of the contest), it was the turn of the beauties to learn how to milk a cow. The highlight of it was the turn of socialite Shakila- one of the nine ‘wives’.

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Dressed in a trendy dress, a pair of gumboots with long and pointed green fake nails, Shakila found it a herculean task to milk an otherwise very calm animal.

At one point, Eric tells her “just finya it, don’t chuna it (English words meaning: Just squeeze it [udder] don’t pinch it [udder]) “. Shakila then tells the comedian, “You know how to do it [milking], you will do it for yourself.”

Shakila was perhaps over dressed for the occasion. PHOTO/ Eric Omondi.
Comedian Eric Omondi persistently taught Shakila how to milk, but to know avail PHOTO/Eric Omondi.

In the midst of the back and fourth between a persistent Eric and Shakila, a cow that was also in the shed just besides the one being milked responded to the call of nature. The resultant heavy splash and some urine dropping on Shakila’s gumboots was a total turn off for her.

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