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Moral cop Ezekiel Mutua intervenes as sexually explicit graffiti on Nairobi matatu rubbed out

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Graffiti on a new Nairobi ‘manyanga’ has been erased following a public outcry.

The graffiti on matatu registration number KDA 291J belonging to NNK Shuttle (Nairobi-Kikuyu-Kasarani route) portrayed a scantily dressed woman, spread-eagled, with a caption “Kitamu Kilambwe” (What’s sweet should be licked).

The new matatu had sexually explicit graffiti covering its entire rear. We have deliberately dabbed out the writings. PHOTO/FACEBOOK

Both the graffiti and its caption took the whole breadth of the matatu’s rear. The image was first shared on the Facebook page Matwana, which prides itself in “Rebranding & Building Value for the Matatu Culture.”

Even though the youthful lovers of the manyangas (gaudishly decorated public transport buses with loud music and flashy lights) often turn a blind eye to the graffiti, most were apparently irked.  

The NNK Sacco matatu which plies the Nairobi-Kikuyu-Kasarani route is christened “Real Monster.” PHOTOS/FACEBOOK

“Where is Ezekiel Mutua (Chief executive, Kenya Film Classification Board, and de facto moral cop)? posed one commentator.

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It didn’t take long before he responded.

Apology Tendered to KFCB

The offensive graffiti on this matatu, which was brought to our attention through social media yesterday, has been removed and an apology tendered to KFCB by the concerned parties,” said Dr Mutua on twitter. “We warn PSVs to adhere to guidelines on any public exhibition to avoid prosecution.”

Following a public outcry, KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua intervened. The offensive graffiti was removed and apology tendered. PHOTO/COURTESY

Two officials from NNK Sacco appeared on video offering an apology: “One behalf of the Sacco and our client, we apologise to all Kenyans for the offensive graffiti on our vehicle,” said the duo.

Urban matatu culture glorifies hedonism, music, art, sports stars and celebrities. As competition intensifies in the multi-billion transport sector, investors employ various tactics to attract commuters. Among them is graffiti and other forms of decoration.

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