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Want to buy an elephant? Talk to Namibia

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Namibia is selling 170 wild elephants due to drought and a wild increase in numbers.

An advertisement published in New Era, one of the dailies, says an increase in incidents of human-elephant conflict also motivated the sale.

The Ministry of Environment Forestry and Tourism said it would auction the animals to anyone in Namibia or abroad “who could meet the strict criteria, which include quarantine facilities and a game-proof fence certificate for the property where the elephants will be kept.”

Elephant Export Permit

Foreign buyers must also provide proof that conservation authorities in their countries will permit them to export elephants to their countries.

Namibia’s conservation drive, which has seen its elephant population jump from around 7,500 in 1995 to 24,000 in 2019 according to government figures, has enjoyed international support.

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An African wild elephant out in the savannah. PHOTO/FILE

But last year the country said it was considering withdrawing from the rules that govern the global trade in endangered species. This was after countries voted during a CITES meeting to reject proposals to relax restrictions on hunting and exporting its white rhinos.

The country wants to allow more trophy hunting and the export of live animals, arguing that the funds it would raise would help it to protect the species.

Buy Bufallo Too

In October it put up 100 buffalos for sale in a bid to ease pressure on grazing land.

The arid southern African nation also auctioned 1,000 animals from national parks, including 500 buffalos in 2019 as it faced the worst drought in a century.

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