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Constitution defenders accuse President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga of personalizing the report

Lobby group dubbed Linda Katiba says there is no legal crisis to mandate for constitutional reforms.

A section of politicians and activists under the Linda Katiba movement have expressed their opposition to the BBI report, the lobby group has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM party leader Raila Odinga of personalizing the Building Bridges Initiative process.

While expressing their qualms about the BBI initiative, Narc-Kenya leader Martha Karua, Ms. Daisy Amdany of the National Women Steering Committee (NWSC), Prof Gitile Naituli, activist Boniface Mwangi, economist David Ndii and ‘active citizen’ Jerotich Seii said, “the Constitution of Kenya is still the good document that was proclaimed as one of the most progressive in the world,” hence there is no need to amend it at the moment.

Ms. Karua said BBI, being a State project, is an illegality since the constitution only provides for only two processes of initiating its amendment, she went ahead to say that it is wrong to use public funds and machinery to drive the BBI agenda.

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“A State-led initiative can only be initiated through Parliament, which is one arm of government, while a popular initiative, is a peoples’ process,” Karua said.

Mr. Ndii said the BBI process is illegal, unconstitutional, flawed and intended to return the country to the dark days when the provincial administration was used as the enforcement arm of the imperial presidency.

“We are going to use every other lawful constitutional means of protest, political engagement using the Judiciary, mobilizing people so that we can defend the gains in the 2010 Constitution and to further its transformative agenda.” David Ndii revealed

The the lobby group accused President Kenyatta of doing little to defend the Constitution which he swore to defend and instead personifying the report.

Activist Bonface Mwangi pointed out that the President continues to hold the Judiciary hostage by refusing to confirm the appointment of judges he does not like and has set an example for members of his government of defying court orders.

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