Man who died inside matatu along Mombasa Road wasn’t killed by COVID-19

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It was on Tuesday, November 24 evening, when operators and passengers of an Embassava Sacco 14-seater matatu were treated to a huge scare.

One of the male passengers, who has since been identified as 57-year-old Leonard Odhiambo, had boarded the Embakasi-bound matatu at the South B Bus Stop. He occupied the seat at the row behind the driver’s cabin, next to the passenger door.

Upon reaching Sameer Business Park, a fellow passenger who had seated next to him needed to alight, hence Odhiambo had to give way. However, he was not moving prompting the conductor to tap him, thinking he was just asleep.

That was when they realised something was amiss, and that Odhiambo had breathed his last breath. Passengers say that he coughed once and slumped to his seat. They suspect this is the time he died.

Since coughing is one of the symptoms of the deadly coronavirus, they suspected that Odhiambo had succumbed to COVID-19.

It is not COVID-19!

However, it has been ascertained that he did not die of COVID-19.

Samples taken from him have returned negative coronavirus results.

City Mortuary deputy funeral superintendent Patrick Mbugua confirmed that he was not killed by COVID-19 and that a postmortem to determine the true cause of the death is yet to be conducted.

“We suspect he died of blood pressure because of the sudden death. We are still waiting for postmortem results,” said Mbugua.