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Ex-Churchill Show comedian racially abused in US for asking man to wear facemask

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Former Churchill Show comedian David Kangogo alias ‘David the Student’ who relocated to the US had a sad encounter after he was racially abused.

In a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the worst hit nation, David the Student who works as a Lyft driver advised his passenger to put his face mask on.

Instead of heeding to the comedian’s noble appeal, the man started hurling racist insults.

David the Student pulled over when the man refused to wear his face mask.  

In a video that went viral on Friday, November 20, the man started calling Kangogo the N-word, while threatening to p*** in his car.

From a report seen by TV47 Digital, Kangogo said that he picked up the couple from Malarkey’s Sports Grill in Issaquah, and that’s when the man refused to wear his mask and David pulled up and ended his ride.

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David recorded the man and his wife, in the video the wife is heard saying, “we were only expecting a Lyft ride home. That’s what we expected” Kangogo is heard in the background telling the man to put his mask on.

Lyft has since issued a statement saying that the racist passenger was banned from the service. The passenger has also been fired from his job and he is no longer allowed in the bar where the encounter began.

‘Wear masks,’ President-elect tells Americans

In November 9, President-elect Joe Biden told American citizens to wear masks, so as to curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden’s appeal is the opposite to that of President Donald Trump, who has been seen to be resisting wearing mask.

According to data from the World Health Organisation, the US is the worst hit nation with 11,597,979 confirmed COVID-19 cases so far. 250,607 Americans succumbed to COVID-19 so far.

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