Murder most foul: Police launch manhunt for gang that hacked man to death before crushing his head

Detectives in Mirangine Dundori have launched a manhunt for a ten member-gang who allegedly killed one man and injured two others in a night attack in Dundori.


Police in Nakuru have launched a manhunt for a 10-member gang which is accused of killing a man and injuring two other people, among a three-year-old boy, in a Thursday, November 12 night attack in Dundori area.

Peter Maina, 32, was attacked while in his house in Mirangine village with a gang whose intention remains unclear, before being hacked to death using a machete.

The criminals did not stop there, they went on to crush the deceased’s head with a huge rock.

Peter Kimotho-a resident, recounts how cases of insecurity have been on the rise in the area. At one point, Kimotho says, criminals used to burn down their houses, yet police are yet to take any action.

While reading some sort of revenge against the family of the deceased, Kimotho is now calling upon the relevant authorities to intervene and save the situation that is otherwise dilapidating.

Esther Wambui, the wife to the brother of the deceased, says the gang attacked their homes at around 8 pm. Her husband, who was one of the injured persons, is currently in intensive care.