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Initiating Sex With Your Partner | Garden of Eden


-Waiting for a man to initiate sex is outdated
-Married couples are allowed to have sex wherever and whenever
-Women have okayed period sex but how many men concur?
-Having mint candy and or strepsils could just be the biggest bedroom secret no one tells you about!

This episode of Garden of Eden featured two guests; Noel and Risper Waigiri who is a lawyer. Soni Kanake, the host, moderated the conversation asking thought-provoking questions like who is supposed to initiate sex? How guests like their sex? What their take is on period sex among others.

Women are becoming sexually liberated. These are necessary conversations that ought to be had.

POINT TO NOTE: Garden of Eden airs every Wednesday at 10 PM on Tv47 (channel 268 on DSTV)

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