[VIDEO] Senator Malala sheds tears during senate hearing, says police want to assassinate him


Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala now claims that police want to assassinate him.

The youthful lawmaker shed tears during a Senate hearing session, where he lamented about the conduct of a police officer squad that, he claims, has been tasked to eliminate him. Malala said that he fears for his life.

Senate’s joint committee has summoned the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to answer to queries on the security details of Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala.

Malala petitions DCI Kinoti, IG Mutyambai

Malala claims that a squad code-named “BRAVO ZULU YANKEE” that has been assembled from the SSU is out to assassinate him.

Through the Malalah & Company Advocates, Senator Malala has filed a petition calling for the disbandment, investigation, and the prosecution of the “BRAVO ZULU YANKEE”.

“We are aware that a secret and specialised squad of the Special Service Unit (SSU) has been recently formed with express instructions to “keep an eye on/eliminate Senator Cleophas Wakhungu Malala”, read the petition.

According to the petition, the five members of “this crack squad of assassin policemen” tasked to eliminate Senator Malala have been identified as; Sergeant Kiprop (Alias “Rop”), Benedict Bii (Alias “Arap Bii”), Abanas Chemitei, David Kutekha Ingutia, and Sylvanus Njeru-Driver.

Malala further claims that the squad has held several meetings at the DCI Headquarters Executive Lounge as well as at Hotel La Mada off Thika Road.

“This squad…was briefed at Eaton Hotel by Chief Inspector Wanzala, a known police officer working for the Homicide Department at DCI Headquarters in Nairobi,” continued the petition.

The petition further alleges that two of the officer, Benedict Bii and Abanas Chemutei, had their Ceska pistols recalled and have instead been furnished with “a semi-automatic lethal rifle known as the Scorpion which is manufactured in Israel and Yugoslavia”.

Malala’s demands

The Senator now wants;

  1. DCI, IG to immediately guarantee the security and safety of Senator Malala together with his family.
  2. DCI, IG to immediately provide him with additional security personnel at his homes and residences.
  3. DCI, IG to acknowledge the existence of “Bravo Zulu Yankee” squad
  4. DCI, IG to immediately commence investigations to ascertain the whole plan.

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