OMWENGA MURDER CASE: Chris Obure, Robert Bodo to spend 7 more days in custody


Businessman Chris Obure and his personal bodyguard Robert Bodo will have to spend seven more days in police custody, in a case where they are accused of killing the late Kevin Omwenga.

The two had applied to be released on bail, with Justice Jessie Lessit ordering they be remanded until Monday, September 21, when she will be delivering a ruling on the matter.

The prosecution side still maintains that Obure and Bodo should be denied bail, on grounds that they will interfere with investigations as well as tampering with witnesses in the case.

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A CCTV footage from Obure’s office showed Robert Bodo entering the office, took the businessman’s gun then returning it later. The gun is suspected to be the one used in fatally shooting Omwenga.

The two were formally charged with murder last week, pleading not guilty.

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