OPINION: The online ‘gangs’, where introverts call the shots

The online squad gangs, where introverts call the shots


Do loners still exist in this era where introverts are now the online admins in Facebook pages and WhatsApp groups?

In campus, there was this one guy who could not even dare look straight into your eyes, not even for a random bumps gaze. It may concern you that he cleared school without attending a single ‘famous’ voluntary group discussions.

Today if you scroll through the popular Wanderlust Diary Group, if you miss his post then then it will be his comment you are bumping into.

The Internet was a game-changer in changing people’s personalities, at least online, and most have hidden behind the digital screen and used the keyboard to project their other persona.

The tagging on social sites have given birth to friends squads, I guess it’s easier to make friends online than in a stuck elevator where you will probably ask for their social media accounts.

Money in: The squads are promoting each other’s businesses in their pages and individual walls. Most of this positive reviews come from “La Squad aka Pacesetter”, the likes and shares influence many authentic buyers.

Money Out: The online gang has found a cheaper way of enjoying holidays through group bookings, bye solo traveling and welcome group discounted rates. Have you noticed some squads are also wearing matching outfits in their events? Yes some are.

Profit: This is the peak of the online squad, after acclimatization most squads have bounced back into the real world where they have formed chamas and are getting on well with either group investment, motivation or just hanging to relieve and reflect on life.

No matter what you do find a squad that dances to your kind of music in your kind of club. Life is short, let’s hook up and enjoy while taking precautions of the obvious downside of internet such as bullying and pseudo accounts world.

My unanswered call to former introvert classmate has just been returned with a message “sorry please text”,  but I have seen his post, he is doing fine and at Maasai Mara. What counts most is communication and doing what we love most.

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