Kenya records 104 new cases, 74 recoveries; total cases rise to 35,460.

74 recoveries; 41 have recovered from Home-based Care while 33 are from different health care facilities in the country.


Kenya has recorded 104 new COVID-19 cases today, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 35,460.

101 of the new cases are Kenyans while 3 are foreigners.

74 patients have recovered from the virus. 41 are from the Home-based Care program while 33 were discharged from various health care facilities in the country. This brings the total number of recoveries to 21,557.

Sadly, 8 patients have succumbed to the disease, bringing the death toll due to COVID-19 to 607.

Health CAS Rashid Aman: The spread of coronavirus in our communities continues unabated, from our briefing on September 8 we did indicate that the prevalence of transmission of the virus is in the counties of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kiambu.

CAS Rashid Aman: We also noted that transmission in counties that initially was recording low cases is on the rise. As persistently observed, the gender distribution of cases is skewed with males comprising 64% of this number. A third of our confirmed cases are in the bracket of 30-39 years.

CAS Rashid Aman: Our surveillance teams have made observations that can jeopardize our gains in the fight against this pandemic, flouting of the containment measures by our people remains a major concern; three areas of concern, the mandatory requirement of wearing a facemask in public places is not adhered to in parts of the country, laxity in the public transport sector in observing the public health guidelines of COVID-19, our teams have noted that there is continued overloading of some matatus and buses both in the urban and rural areas with no regard to social and physical distancing required.

CAS Rashid Aman: Overcrowding in public spaces especially market places are becoming commonplace where most people do not observe the social and physical distance, in this bracket is political gatherings that draw large crowds which is an ideal condition for mass transmission of the virus. These challenges are rolling back the gains we have made in the fight against the virus. Political leaders are urged to desist from holding gatherings that will draw big crowds.


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