“Tumechoka na tamaa, political arrogance, ukabila huku wachache wakiiba”, Alfred Mutua launches 2022 bid

ALFRED MUTUA: This is why you should vote for me


Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua on Sunday, September 6 officially launched his 2022 Presidential bid, promising a different style of politics where everybody will be given a conducive environment to make money.

Announcing his bid, the county boss said that he is providing a new period of better leadership and life, as well as a new way of thinking and doing things that Kenya so much needs.

“The Kenyan Computer has frozen. Computer ya Kenya IMEHANG & Kenya needs a reset – a reboot. We need to start AFRESH. We need to change the way things are done & the way leaders serve. We need something new – A FRESH START – A FRESH MOVEMENT,” said Mutua.

Banking on what he says is “local and international experience” and an understanding of the dynamics of governance and real development, Governor Mutua says that he will create 5 million jobs in his first three years.

According to the former Government Spokesperson, he will eliminate bureaucracy in Government, so as to provide a what he says is a thriving and predictable environment for businesses. In fact, Mutua says that it will take only 14 days to get business licenses and approvals under his presidency.

Mutua doesn’t understand why Kenya has so much brain power, human and physical resources, yet the normal mwananchi continues to languish in poverty.

“Why is it that youth your age in countries with fewer resources than Kenya, are driving cars, having a good life, while you here in Kenya are broke and jobless as some people steal your money and livelihood? DO NOT BE SPECTATORS AS YOUR LIFE IS SCREWED UP,” added Mutua.

The Whitworth University graduate rues that recycling of poor brand of politics has seen countries we were at par with economically, some even poorer such as Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Croatia, now way richer than us [Kenya].


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