WINTER IN KENYA: My breathtaking experience at Aberdare Range

The fun at Aberdares


What is the fuss about winter and snow? If you ask this then I would probably guess you hate adventure, I dare you to give it a trial and you will fall in love with the mountains, desert, lakes, savannas and you will most likely hate the traffic and bustle of city life.

It is one of those cold days in Kenya, famous for freezing the birds off their nests. The extreme cold weather is currently been experienced in some parts of Murang’a, Laikipia and Meru regions. Last year, tour operators had a boom harvest after their caravans flocked Laikipia to take local tourists to watch the spectacular view of the hailstones-covered grounds in the name of snow, it was the magical time to experience “snowing”.

Join the wagon and experience the extreme ‘harsh’ cold weather full of mist, drizzling and a night of dew.  It is not kind so plan to carry thermal vests, heavy jackets and hoods, warm trousers (avoid jeans/denim like plague because they make you feel cold), some petroleum jelly or sunscreen. Do not forget to pack a box of perseverance, I promise you will need it.

There is a night I was feeling cold, my teeth started chattering until I thought my jaws were dropping, never mind…I laugh at this now.

How was my experience you ask? Well, my moments are captured in my heart and my phone camera which I have backed up on Google and shared on Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg better remind me of those moments 4 or 3 years down the line like he always does.

Despite the cold and the slippery grounds, I enjoyed my experience and I may be taking the maiden trip to UK during winter sooner, having survived the three days at Aberdare Range, sorry it is not Mt. Kenya but I promise to visit there next.

How do you get there? You can plan on your own or check on those famous travel companies organizing excursions and trips and they can custom make an itinerary for you.  You can also drive yourself but you will most certainly require a four-wheel drive car.

Where do I begin? Pick a destination first and the rest will follow in place, drag a buddy it will be more fun

Credit: Shiru Kaibere

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