Four effective first date hacks

Oh boy, first dates can be quite something. Ordinarily, a lot goes on in one’s mind. And correct me if I am mistaken but the pressure normally is on the girl. I mean, this is a guy you sort of like like, and want to give the best first impression. Thus, being nervous is common but that could easily ruin the entire thing, anyone’s worst nightmare particularly if we really like like like this guy, know what I mean?

That said, composing and preparing yourself adequately is key. Cause remember as the girl, you set the vibe and the atmosphere of the date. So here are some hacks that will help you breeze through your date like a pro.


I know the pressure to impress and look the part is at its all-time high but listen, to have a good time you need to feel comfortable and cute. So go for outfits that make you feel that comfortable, cute, and yourself.

No need to stress over wearing heels, matte lipstick that sometimes is a lot especially when eating, or Spanx that leave you feeling uncomfortable, slouchy, and in pain.

Hence, find yourself an outfit you love and are super comfy in that way you have one less thing to worry about.

How you feel about what your outfit plays a huge role in how you interact and carry yourself, so be intentional about your choices.


Google it, primarily if the setting is an unfamiliar spot. Check reviews online and figure out what meal and drink you fancy. Doing a little bit of research pre-hand kills the stress of staring down some weirdly named dishes and later dealing with an underwhelming dish.


Confirm the location and do a google map search to ensure it is the actual set place. If going by cab, give the reception a ring and ask for directions. Do not assume you will get the place right even when using a cab. Figure out where the place is and plan yourself accordingly. Imagine the horror of running late or worse so getting lost.

Be yourself

Show up to have fun and not impress. Be you, enjoy the space, the company goes with the flow and of course have a little fun engaging your new partner on various topics as they come. Let go of the pressure to impress and allow yourself to flow with the vibe. Simply have fun.

The stress to show up and dazzle this new catch is indisputable. However first dates are essential and having the best time while at one is very important as it sets you up for date number two or date number no.

So have fun and let go of the pressure. You are great and your partner knows that, heck that is why you are the one on a date with them and not somebody else. So be easy.

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