KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua blames dirty Kamba music for teen pregnancies


The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua now says that the dirty music that dominates most Kamba vernacular stations is partly to blame for teen pregnancies in the region.

According to Dr Ezekiel Mutua, the vulgar language and lyrics used in Kamba vernacular music not only normalise teenage sex and objectification of women but also rape.

While quoting a 2017 KFCB survey titled “The effects of Lewd, Vulgar, Violent and Obscene Local and International Music on Children, Youth and the Society in general in Kenya”, Dr Mutua says that Machakos County topped for vulgarity, with music bands that have sexualised stage names such as Katombi, Maima and Vuusya ungu.

“The survey covered Seven Counties in Kenya but Machakos with bands like Katombi and Maima topped in vulgarity. Dirty music dominates most kamba vernacular stations with content that encourages sex with young girls, even rape. It’s time to stopped this trend,” said Dr. Mutua in a tweet.

Dr. Mutua, a man who is determined to ensure content in Kenya’s media outlets remain ‘decent’, was reacting to reports that at least 4,000 school girls in Machakos County had been impregnated since mid-March.

Dr. Mutua says that the news about the teen pregnancies in the county is shocking but not surprising, insisting it is time to stop, what he says is, dirty music.

What prompted KFCB’s survey?

KFCB had and is still receiving and recording complaints from across the country regarding vulgar and obscene music that is played in public spaces within the watershed period which is 5am to 10pm.

KFCB did the survey to assess the gravity of the situation, with the board hoping that it will help in formulating guidelines for law enforcement agencies, “while banning in totality the music found unfit for the general public during the watershed period.”

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