Only 22 out of 100 children can access online education-Usawa Agenda


Despite efforts made by the Ministry of Education to integrate information communication technology (ICT) as part of new education reforms, very little has been done to implement the changes with efficacy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has stretched all aspects of online learning and it is clear that not all children have access to efficient learning channels.

Only 22 out of 100 children in the country have access to online education. With all schools closed indefinitely and all children staying at home, it is important that learning through ICT is implemented.

According to a survey done by Usawa Agenda, a non-profit company, on the status of remote learning, realization is yet to be made to put all aspects of ICT like radio, TV and radio into full effect.

In their survey, the company found that children in private schools are twice as likely to access digital learning in comparison to children in public schools. This can be attributed to the fact that public schools were least prepared to support digital learning.

The survey also found that only 2 out of 10 parents were aware that their children should continue learning from home with results varying from county to county.

According to the company director Emmanuel Manyasa, “the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the potential of the existing digital divide to deepen inequalities in the outcomes and put children on divergent socio-economic trajectories.

Less than 10% of learners in public schools have access to digital learning materials.

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