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Wuhan hospitals clear all COVID-19 cases

After more than three months of arduous efforts, Wuhan, the Chinese city once hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak, cleared all COVID-19 cases in hospitals on Sunday.

This came as the last 12 COVID-19 patients had met the standard for discharge and would be transferred to designated places for 14-day medial quarantine.

“We have set standard for discharge in our diagnosis and treatment scheme. Now as they met the standard, we consider all our hospitalized patients cured of COVID-19. For those with some other underlying diseases, they will continue to receive relevant treatment of these diseases. The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Wuhan has dropped to zero, marking a major victory in our medical treatment at this stage. This filled me with a sense of accomplishment and pride. I am proud of our medical workers across the country,” said Jiao Yahui, a senior inspector at the Medical Administration Bureau of National Health Commission.

The outcome came five days after its cases dropped to double digits and less than 70 days after daily hospitalized cases peaked at 38,020. The hard-won victory came through the hard work of 110,000 medical workers in Wuhan and 42,000 others from across the country. It was also attributed to the timely setting up of temporary hospitals and adequate treatment offered by 55 designated hospitals.

As of the end of Saturday, Wuhan had reported a total of 50,333 confirmed cases and 3,869 deaths. The recovery rate has topped 92 percent.

“We made quick response to increase hospital beds and classify the patients into mild and severe cases and treat them accordingly. Patients with mild symptoms were sent to the temporary hospitals, while those critically ill were treated in designated hospitals. The shortage of hospital beds was solved, but the medical personnel in Wuhan were far from enough to meet the demand, so we mustered 42,000 medical workers from across the country to aid Wuhan. This enabled all the patients to receive treatment. The advantages of our system and the joint efforts of the medical staff contributed to such a good result,” said Jiao.

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As Wuhan has cleared all the COVID-19 cases in hospital, some medical experts in intensive care will go to Heilongjiang Province, which is under pressure to prevent imported COVID-19 cases, to share their experiences.

“Heilongjiang is still under a mounting pressure to prevent imported cases and epidemic rebound. In the imported cases or some local cases infected by the imported cases, there are critically ill patients. We hope those experts who met such problems in the early stage of the epidemic outbreak in Wuhan, can bring their experiences to Heilongjiang and help to avoid the repeating of similar mistakes. I think they will play a crucial role not only in the treatment of patients, including the critical ones, but also in the management of pre-examination and triage, fever cases, and infection control in hospital,” said Jiao.

Life is returning to normal. Hubei’s work resumption rate of major industrial firms has reached 98.2 percent and most of their workers have returned to work.

Schools will soon open. Graduating high school students in Hubei are expected to resume class on May 6.

Officials said for the next step Wuhan must remain alert to imported cases while preventing a resurgence of the outbreak.

By Saturday, 82,827 confirmed COVID-19 cases had been reported on the Chinese mainland. More than 93.4 percent of them had recovered.

As of Saturday, there were still 801 COVID-19 patients being treated on the Chinese mainland, including 51 in severe condition.

Source: Reuters

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