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Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna eulogized his late father in law Jaduong’ Benson Omolo Awange in absentia as he was being buried on the 21st January 2020. In a letter posted in his twitter account, Miguna apologized for not being present and condemned the government for denying him access to his own country.

“…I have been physically prevented from attending these final rites of passage by those who wield power in Kenya; those who believe that they have power to decide who is a Kenyan and who is not; and who can attend funerals of his loved ones and those who must be kept away with guns, truncheons and bayonets.” Lamented Miguna

According to exiled Miguna, his flight was scheduled to land in Nairobi on January 7, 2020 ahead of the burial arrangements. His journey was however cut short due to the red alerts issued to the airlines, informing him that his entry to Kenya’s airspace was denied.

“It was because of those illegal “red alerts” that both the German airline Lufthansa and French counterpart, Air France, could not fly me to Kenya,” his statement read.

“It has never been done before not just in Kenya but everywhere else in the world.” He complained.

In his eulogy, Miguna expressed gratitude to his late Father in law for handing him his daughter to be his wife twenty years ago.

“I thank Jaduong’ Omolo Awange for having agreed to allow me to marry his daughter twenty years ago. Even though I was a complete stranger, you listened to me and graciously granted my request.” He states

Miguna reminisced late Awange as a father figure in his own life since he was brought up by a single mum when his biological dad passed away soon after he was born.   

“Am celebrating Jadoung’ Omolo Awange for the guidance, love, affection, respect and intellectual brotherhood Mzee Omolo Awange shared with me and provided to me. I am honouring his legacy of wisdom, integrity, diligence and hard work.” Eulogized Miguna.

Kenyans on Twitter took to his post and a majority empathized with his flight afflictions.               

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