Countless to lose WhatsApp support on smartphones

Millions of Whatsapp users could lose WhatsApp support on their smartphones on the 1st of February if their operating systems are not up to date.

The move that was announced by Facebook last year will affect any old versions of operating systems – Android devices and IoS devices.

With Windows operating devices already been shut out, iPhone devices running on iOS 8 or older and any Android phones using 2.3.7 or older will lose support. 

On their website, Whatsapp wrote, “For the following operating systems, you can no longer create new accounts, nor reverify existing accounts. However, you’ll be able to continue using WhatsApp on:

Android versions 2.3.7 and older until February 1, 2020

iOS 8 and older until February 1, 2020”

The move that is set to happen at the end of this month is meant to improve security features for the app’s users. The tech company also warned that features on Whatsapp in outdated devices may not work, as they won’t be actively developing software for the outdated operating systems.

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What does this mean?

For android users, only phones that are ten years or older will be axed out. Android phones that are capable of updating from 2.3.7 won’t be affected by the move.

iPhone users are perhaps the biggest losers in the new move. This is because all iPhones produced before the iPhone 6 will be affected. That is unless users can update their operating system to iOS 9 or higher.

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