Israel lacrosse team gifts Kenya’s team new shoes

Kenya’s lacrosse team on August 9, received a pair of new shoes from their counterpart Israel after playing without the right shoes.

The Kenyan team had been competing with Israel in the 2019 U19 Women’s Lacrosse World Championship in Peterborough, Ontario without the right lacrosse shoes commonly termed as ‘cleats’.

Despite thrashing Kenya (13-4), the Israel lacrosse team noticed that the Kenyan team didn’t have the right shoes. Therefore when the Kenyan team came to cheer Israel the next day, they surprised them with brand new shoes.

Lacrosse is a game played by two teams where each player uses a long stick with a net at the end to catch, carry, and throw a small ball, to get the ball in the other team’s goal.

This was the first time that Kenya qualified for the under 19 world championship.

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