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Occasions you should not talk to your EX

When a relationship comes to an end, some people find it hard to move on because there are feelings involved or you do not want to lose the friendship that was formed first.

Exes can be toxic in one’s life. They can make it difficult for you to move on and drag you with negativity especially if the break up was ugly. There is no reason for giving a second chance or talking again.

Here are occasions you should never talk to your ex:

When you are drunk

Some of you prefer drinking the heartbreak out. This is when you may be tempted to call your ex. It’s easy to tell him how you want to get back together or insult him because of how he or she hurt you. To avoid adding more pain to the wounds, avoid using your phone if you are a drunk texter/caller.

When you are feeling lonely

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There are times in life you will feel all alone and want someone around. Being lonely can make you do strange things that you never imagined and talking to your ex is one of them. Never reach out to your ex because of loneliness it may communicate that you can’t move on without them and think of you as a desperado.

When you have started seeing/dating someone new

For you to move on and be at peace in the new relationship, do not talk to your ex. Higher chances of you feeling like you still love him/her will be there. It could ruin the new relationship you started, it will be your loss.

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When you have broken up

Do not speak to your ex after you broke up, this is because it will keep you drained emotionally, physically and mentally. This will make the healing process more painful and slow. If they decided to break up with you, let it go and know that there is someone for you.

When you are not sure about your intentions

There will definitely come a time when you feel like you want to fight for the relationship and feel you want to get back together. If you are not sure of your intentions and what you want, don’t waste time to think of talking to your ex.

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Once you do not know what your intentions are, it will simply waste your time and be on the same cycle.

When your ex was abusive in any way

During the breakup, there is always that moment you feel like you want and have the last time to talk. This happens a lot especially if your ex was abusive. You want to revenge back and insult him/her. There is no need because it will make things more toxic and you may end up regretting.

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