Hot tea now linked to throat cancer

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The rise of cancer in Kenya has caused experts to come out and address the major causes of cancer that common people were not aware of.

One such common cause of cancer is hot tea, which has been linked to throat cancer.

According to medical experts, the hot tea is an irritant which alters the linings of the throat.

The experts warn that continuous consumption of hot tea damages the mucus lining of the throat by burning the cells.

“This leads to mutation of the cells finally causing throat cancer,” a medical expert told KTN News.

Throat cancer is the third most reported case of cancer in Kenya according to data presented before the Parliament Health Committee in July 2019.

The data also showed that out of 365 new throat cancer cases reported monthly only two survive. Throat cancer is turning out to the biggest killer cancer in Kenya.

This data by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) shows that Kenyans are more likely to die from throat cancer than other types of cancer.

In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) said drinking tea and other beverages at temperatures hotter than 65 Celsius probably causes cancer.

This has put people from the Western region of Kenya at high risk of throat cancer as reports show they prefer their tea at 72°C the highest in the world.

“However, tea can trigger throat cancer even when taken cold as long as the milk used to prepare tea has harmful and carcinogenic chemicals,” said the medical expert.

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