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11 little-known uses of alcohol besides just drinking it


While alcohol is famous for drinking, there are a few other things that it can be used for.

If taken in moderation, some types of alcohol have been known to lower chances of diabetes, fight the common cold and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.

However, next time you visit a liquor store, buy alcohol with other uses in mind.

Here they are:

Clean pots and pans. Due to its acidity levels, scrubbing your sufurias with beer or vodka will leave them shining and looking like they came right out of the box.

Skin smoothening. Beer and red wine contain antioxidants and ingredients that can make your skin look smooth and moisturized. Use cotton wool to smear alcohol on your skin, just like you would when toning or cleansing.

Marination. Use wine for meal marinades. Apart from wine giving your meat a great flavour, it can be used as a meat tenderizer. You can also use it as salad dressing to give it a kick.

Cooking with red wine gives your mean the extra kick.
Photo source: Eatwell101

Wine can revive your dead car battery. Red wine’s acidity levels allow electrons to flow freely between the negative and positive terminals of the battery, enabling it to start the engine.

Add body and shine to your hair. Boil a three-quarter cup of beer and then leave it to cool. Mix it with your normal shampoo and wash your hair. It also gets rid of dandruff.

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Refreshes musty clothes. If you have clothes that have stayed inside your suitcase or closet for ages, they always have a weird smell. If you want to get rid of the smell, spray them with a little vodka.

Polish sinks and showerheads. Beer is great for polishing some household items. You can also use it to polish metals around the house and have them looking as good as new.

Clean mirrors. Spray your mirrors with vodka and then use a clean cloth to clean them. They will end up looking crystal clear.

Clean faded jewelry. If you have silver or diamond jewelry that seems to have lost their glam, polish them with gin and they will end up looking as good as new.

Clean wooden furniture. Next time you spill beer on your wooden table, don’t get angry. Instead, grab a cloth and clean the table with the beer. It will have your furniture looking shiny and polished.

Repel insects. If you’re going to a place with many mosquitoes or flies, spray yourself with a little vodka. Insects hate the smell and will stay away from you.

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