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10 mistakes made by fresh graduates searching for a job


Graduation is one of the most important moments of anyone’s life. However, if you are a fresh graduate, there are some assumptions and expectations you have about the job market that might be false.

The excitement after you graduate with your first diploma or degree can tempt you to think that the process of job search will be a bed of roses when it is not.

Here are a few mistakes you make that might cost you in your job application process.

Assuming a good degree will get you a great job. A few lucky people get great jobs after graduation but that is never the case for most fresh graduates. Never just assume that your degree will help you in your application. You have to go the extra mile to get a great resume that will get you hired. Volunteer, do as many internships as you can.

Not knowing your own resume. Imagine sitting at an interview and not being able to explain your skills, education and experiences to the interviewer. Don’t just copy and paste things from the internet. Ensure you understand your CV from the first to the last page.

Be ready to explain your resume to the interviewer, in-depth.
Photo Source: Inside Higher Ed.

Staying idol. Once a potential recruiter sees you’ve been idol, chances of you getting the job will reduce. During your free time, volunteer, do internships, enrol into a short course or join a sports team, just don’t be idol.

Careless use of social media. These days, recruiters go through social media profiles of potential employees. Ensure you do not post or share questionable items. You really do not want an employer to question your morality and professionalism.

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Be careful what you post on social media.
Photo Source: The Black Youth Project

Poor resume. Your CV should be updated and well written. No grammatical errors, no copy-paste. Also, avoid applying for numerous jobs with one CV. Tailor your resume to suit the specific job you are applying for.

Not asking questions. Anytime you are called for an interview especially if it’s your first job, ensure you get clarification on even the smallest issues. This way, you come out as being actually interested in the job plus you get to learn a lot.

Only spending time with your agemates. While they may be your friends, ensure you hang out with more experienced people. Get a mentor who will guide you along your career path.

Know-it-all attitude. You’re straight out of university. You don’t know everything. Ensure you learn as much as you can from people around you.

Letting personal life interfere with your professional life. Draw a very clear boundary between these two. If you got an internship but all you do is give excuses about how you need to skip work to attend personal matters, you will not be retained at the job.

Poor negotiation skills. You must learn how to properly negotiate. You should know your worth and be able to prove that you are a great candidate. Don’t readily and easily accept deals.

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