Revealed: GSU officer murdered at Wilson airport was shot by a colleague


Detectives have established police constable Stephen Mkangi, who was recently murdered at Wilson airport, was shot by his colleague Samson Morongo.

According to DCI detectives, Morongo shot dead Mkangi and later lied to investigators that he was shot by unknown assailants who later on escaped.

The detectives discovered this after carrying out forensic analysis, which subjected the suspect’s clothes to residue test.

It tested positive, and the detectives concluded Morongo was a prime suspect in the murder case.

DCI Director George Kinoti said the forensic investigations by detectives proved that it was homicide, ruling out the theory of the two officers being attacked by unknown people.

“Police Constable Samson Morongo is in police custody in connection with the murder of his colleague; Constable Stephen Mkangi whom he shot dead and later faked it on an attack by unknown killers,” said Kinoti.

The incident took place on July 27, 2019 at Wilson Airport where the two GSU officers were manning a watchtower on Saturday night.