11 reasons why men find it hard to settle down with successful career women

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According to Dayan Masinde, a marriage counsellor and a pastor many people believe families with working wives are more prone to divorce than stay-at-home wives.

Here are eleven reasons why men find it hard to settle with successful career women according to Masinde.

  1. A lot of men have a misconception that working women are not wife material as opposed to stay-at-home wives.
  2. Some men believe that it is hard for a career woman to balance between her career and family.
  3. Men find it hard to introduce love matters to career women because they believe those talking to these kinds of women, only talk to them about money, profits and career.
  4. There is perceptions men have, that settling down with such kind of women, one needs to have more money than her, to earn her respect.
  5. Men don’t know the best way to appreciate career women so they tend to keep off.
  6. Men mistakenly think they are in a competition with such ladies without appreciating the fact that they are in a union.
  7. Some men seek unnecessary attention which clashes with professional demands of career women.
  8. For those men who have average social life connections, feel intimidated by career women high flying friends, so they look for women of their class.
  9. Some men find it hard to discuss different opinions of these kinds of ladies. They have a mentality of silencing the women voice, which works against their relationship.
  10. Some men want to be baby sitted, yet these women want men with their own vision and who are in control.
  11. Despite society empowering women, there are some cultures which still hold men with high regard hence making it hard for men to marry career women.

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