Simple safety tips for women walking alone at night

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Walking the streets at night alone is a tall order for women. There’s always the fear of getting robbed or abused.

It takes seconds or minutes for someone to be robbed. Thieves are very strategic. They usually identify potential target moments before stealing and calculate how to go about it.

Walking alone can be a very scary ordeal especially at night but there are some useful tips that could help you stay safe.

Choose your footwear wisely. If you know you’ll be working late, avoid heels and wear flat shoes. These shoes will come in handy when you are trying to escape from a potential robber. Running in uncomfortable shoes like heels puts you at risk of getting caught.

Use busy and well-lit areas. If you can avoid secluded streets, do so. You are more likely to get attacked in a street with very few people as compared to those with human traffic. Walking alone in a lonely street at night increases the chances of being identified as a potential target.

Hide your valuables. If you have expensive jewelry and phone, hide them. Keep them inside your bag and hold the bag properly. If you have your phone out, you automatically become a target for someone looking to steal.

Your valuables should be kept inside your bag
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Do not wear earphones/headphones. You need to be super alert and sensitive to the environment around you. If you are blasting music on your headphones you will not hear a potentially dangerous person approaching.

Keep your keys ready. Hold them in a proper position in your hand. That way, you will not waste time outside looking for them and fumbling inside your purse to reach them. You should have your key ready when you reach your car or get home.

Walk with confidence. Individuals who exhibit fear are more likely to be attacked by robbers. Walk with your head held high and with confident strides. Chances are you will intimidate anyone planning to attack.

Buy a whistle. If you’re forced to take a secluded street and someone approaches trying to attack you, blow the whistle. The point here is to attract attention so that anybody else around can come to your rescue. Ensure you carry the whistle in your arm and not in your purse.