Joyce Laboso’s final words to each of her family members

Before the former Bomet Governor Dr Joyce Laboso passed on, she spent about two days saying her goodbyes.

Moreover, she left special messages for her close family members and President Uhuru Kenyatta with her very close girlfriends.

One of these friends that she confided in is the Chief Administrative Secretary for the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs, Rachel Shebesh.

Dr Laboso’s husband Edwin Abonyo and their children during a memorial service in Bomet.
| Photo Source: State House Kenya |

The first message was to her husband, Edwin Abonyo.

“You are a true reflection of love. Joyce told us that she is luckier than all of us combined and I can agree. You are those husbands who come from heaven. Others come walking, you came from heaven and she said it a thousand times Edwin. So in case you didn’t know, know today. All our conversations were about your love,” Shebesh said.

Laboso was also proud of her children most especially her first born son Brian.

“Bryan, you brought laughter and joy to your mum. You were her singing partner, you were her joy Bryan and she was proud that you were her first born,” the former Nairobi Woman Rep said.

Dr Laboso’s close friends during her memorial service at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi.
| Photo Source: Anne Waiguru/Twitter |

Though Ted was Laboso’s most quiet child, she understood him and knew his heart.

Laboso felt that his son Rono would be the most affected by her death.

“Rono be at peace. She told me to tell you your family is intact. Your dad is still here. Your brothers and sisters are sitting next to you. Rono you will be fine. She told me to say, you will be fine,” Shebesh told Rono.

The late Dr Joyce Laboso with her husband Edwin Abonyo.
| Photo Source: Eldoret Bulletin |

Laboso cherished her only daughter Minah because she is beautiful on the inside and the outside.

The former Bomet governor did not leave her siblings – Chepkurui, Judy and David out. Laboso told them to maintain their family name by stepping up the way their parents, Lorna Laboso and herself did.

“The Laboso family name must remain where it is. She is not giving you a choice, you must make it happen. You must stand up, you must take the mantle, the Laboso name is a big name in Sotik and Bomet. Started by your dad and your mum, then by Lorna, then Joyce, now here you are,” Shebesh said.

During her memorial, something that has come out very clearly is Laboso’s peace loving nature. This is something she wants to continue happening long after she is gone through President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.

The late Dr Joyce Laboso at the JKL Live Show.
| Photo Source: Jeff Koinange/Twitter |

“Your excellency the president and deputy president, Joyce is not giving you a choice from today. You were brought together by the people of Kenya. It is only the people of Kenya who will part you. Not your differences, not your tensions, not even the challenges of government,” Shebesh revealed.

Laboso also insisted that the executive should focus on increasing the women in government.

Shebesh revealed this during Laboso’s memorial service in Bomet County.

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