Why men need more than one wife

Marrying more than one wife was something that African men embraced in the past until they adopted monogamy, which they have been failing at terribly.

Some men have chosen to break away from monogamy and marry other wives openly while others stick to one wife and have affairs with other women privately. Here is why most men need more than one wife:

The need to sire children: Infertility is a great issue in Africa as women and men with no children are stigmatized. If a man learns a woman cannot have a child they may choose to try their luck with another woman. In this case they may marry another woman openly or have an affair and sire children with the other lady.

The attitude of women: If you ask most men, women are not the easiest being to be around because of their constant changing moods. Men need peace and understanding and when they do not get that at home they will look for it elsewhere. While looking for this peace they end up creating another home or having a mistress.

The rise of the independent women: The rise of feminism has seen an increase in the independent woman who does not understand the need to submit to a man. There are some men who find it hard to accept such women. Men who would want a woman to leave her high paying job and be a housewife. Such men will end up looking for a woman who they feel they can control and still retain their independent wife.

The need to show their power: Men have an ego which always needs to be soothed. They need to know they have the power they had while they were still wooing you and that is why an older man will look for a younger mistress. Furthermore, if a man feels like you are belittling them or their hustle they will look for someone whom they feel appreciates them.

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