Joyce Laboso and Edwin Abonyo, love brewed in Kericho

Joyce Laboso’s widower, Edwin Abonyo revealed details of how he met his late wife.

Speaking at the requiem mass held at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi, Abonyo says that they met 37-years ago while he worked as an Estate Manager in one of the tea farms in Kericho and Joyce was still a college student.

Abonyo was a close friend of two of her cousin’s, Henry Maritim and Walter Keter. Walter would frequently visit his uncle, Felix Laboso who was Joyce Laboso’s father.

It was when Abonyo decided to accompany Walter to one of those visits that he met the woman who would become the love of his life.

Mr. Felix Laboso was not very welcoming, something that forced Edwin to become creative on how he would reach Joyce.

He sometimes resorted to requesting one of his friends, Sam Ogondi to phone Laboso’s home. The agreement was that if the phone was picked up by a man, he would hang up and try again later in hopes that Joyce would be on the receiving end.

Joyce’s mother was however more welcoming to the then young man who would not be deterred in the pursuit of the woman he wanted to marry, playing a key role in ensuring the two love bird tied the knot.

“We got married almost immediately after we met because we started off as great friends,” said Abonyo.

When the time came for dowry negotiations between the two families, one of Edwin’s closest friends Herbert was chosen as the chief negotiator. On the material day, they arrived in Sotik to an unpleasant Felix Laboso who was determined to give the crew a hard time.

“Mzee Laboso was a real British. He was a very serious disciplinarian,” affirmed Herbert.

Edwin was, however, able to identify his future wife during the bride identification process, a move that saved him and his entire entourage from severe shame as failure would have seen them immediately thrown out of the compound.

Although their relationship faced severe opposition on tribal basis, Joyce was determined to fight for the man she loved.

“Three of her closest friends were from different tribes. Joyce never saw tribe, she was selfless and only believed in the good in people. Her choosing me should not have surprised anybody,” said Abonyo.

Abonyo echoed sentiments of those who had spoken before him eulogizing Joyce, saying that his wife was a wonderful, humble, truthful and great person.

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