Major causes of infertility

Trying to get a baby can be frustrating and has even resulted in couples divorcing due to conflicts caused by the difficulty in conceiving.

Infertility in couples can be caused by defaults from either the man or a woman. Here are the major causes of infertility:

Low sperm count: A man with a low sperm count will find it hard to sire a baby as the available sperm cannot fertilize the egg. Low sperm count is caused by steroid use, exposure to heat, alcohol use, exposure to chemicals and genetics defects. Premature ejaculation also causes low sperm count in men.

Sexually Transmitted Infections: STIs causes infertility to both men and women when they go untreated as scar the Fallopian tubes and the male reproductive tract such as the urethra and the epididymis. The STIs also reduce sperm quality such that it cannot fertilize an egg.

Blocked tubes: A lady may have one or both fallopian tubes blocked leading to infertility. The sperm will not reach the egg and fertilize it if both tubes are blocked. When a woman has both tubes blocked this is referred to as bilateral tubal occlusion.

Ovulation disorder: Ovulation disorders occur when a woman ovulates frequently or does not ovulate. If a woman does not ovulate it will become hard to have fertile days where she can conceive. Ovarian insufficiency also causes infertility, this is when the ovary loses its normal functions before a woman hits 40.

Endometriosis: Endometriosis causes the tissue of the uterine to grow outside of the uterus leading to infertility. The Fallopian tubes also scar and erode making it hard for the egg and sperm to move through the tube.

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