7 tips to make a great first impression at a job interview

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When it comes to job interviews, leaving the recruitment team with a great impression could actually get you employed.

You only get one chance to leave a good first impression so when you get the chance, ensure you do it right.

Here are seven tips that’ll help you leave your potential employer with a great first impression.

Dress well. This point cannot be overstated. The trick is dressing to impress. Don’t be over the top with the outfits and don’t underwhelm the panel either. Ensure your outfit is neat and your body is well groomed too.

Dress appropriately and ensure you look neat.
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Have a good firm handshake and smile. When approaching the interview, lock their hands in good grip (not too tight), look them in the eyes and smile. Smiling shows positive vibes and positive people have a higher chance of getting the job.

Review the job position. Before you attend a job interview, ensure you have all the details about the job and the company. Appearing clueless before a recruiter is a sure way of not getting the job.

Break the ice with a story. Use your storytelling skills to share examples and instances of your achievements and skill. Be careful though, you don’t want to tell the interview personal stories that might completely put them off. Know where to draw the line.

Get the interviewer’s name right. Research names of the people/person who will interview you. If your interviewer has a difficult name, getting their name right will put you at a better chance of leaving a good impression.

Use powerful words. Do not use jargons and extremely difficult words that the recruiter might not understand. The words you use should make sense and compliment the question you have been asked.

Mind your body language. Ensure you stand tall or sit up straight. Do not fold your hands across your chest or slouch into your chair. You need to show the interviewer that you are confident and you are interested in the job position.

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