6 warning signs he is never going to marry you

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You have been in a relationship with him for more than five years but he is not showing any signs of a long-term commitment such as marriage and you are now worried.

Maybe his love for you is real, and his promises of marriage will be fulfilled in time but if he is showing the following signs, then he is not going to marry you:

His future plans do not include you: The man you are thinking of spending your life with you keeps saying how he will prosper in life but never mentions you. He only talks about his kids and not your kids, how he will buy land and build his own house. If his statement does not show you are included then you are not in his future plans.

Lack of belief in marriage: A man who believes that marriage is something of the past which he does not want to associate himself with will never marry you. He has to believe in marriage for him to think of spending a lifetime with you.

He avoids resolving conflicts: When you have a disagreement and he does not want to have a mature conversation, then he does not care about you. He might even make you think you are the one at fault or be aggressive when you ask him about his wrongdoings. Such a man is not ready for marriage with you.

He doesn’t introduce you to his family: This is a major sign of lack of commitment because if he is going to marry you then he will want you to meet his family. If he loves you then he will show you off even to the family members who do not like you.

He is angry and has excuses when you mention marriage: You may have asked him if he is ever going to marry you and he keeps coming up with excuses, then he is looking elsewhere for his perfect one. Excuses such as when I get a promotion, after you give me a baby are just lies to cover up his lack of commitment.

Your ‘relationship’ has no labels: If the man does not want to be clear on what your relationship is, then this is another warning sign of lack of commitment. He keeps telling his friends you are just a fling and he does not introduce you with a label such as ‘girlfriend but just by name.

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