Promotion may lead to divorce, if you are a woman

Everyone aspires to a successful career and an interesting relationship, but for women, this is challenging to attain.

A new study shows that women pay a higher price for their success. Being promoted to a top job in politics or business leads to a dramatic surge in divorce among women.

A study done by the World Economic Forum and London School of Economics shows that countries with more equal gender labour markets are witnessing higher divorce rates.

The study was based on Switzerland where for the last 30-years more women have attained higher education qualifications than men.

For instance, for women who run for parliamentary seats in Switzerland, those who win the seats tend to divorce more than those who lose in the race. For men, nothing changes.

In the corporate world, looking four years earlier before a group of women were promoted to CEO jobs. It appears that the rate of divorce peaks when women become CEOs.

Part of the reasons cited for the high divorce rates among career women is because many of them tend to marry older men who are doing better than themselves.

When they get promoted, their spouses are unsettled by the change in power balance. Women who married men who were almost their age and who were not way well off tend to have lower chances of divorce.

The remedy the report says is to marry the right the man.

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